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What makes a good school?

A Battle of Ideas satellite event

Thursday, 25 September 2014, 6.30pm

Pimlico Academy (Primary), Lupus Street, Pimlico, London, SW1V 3AT 

Since 2010 the UK Coalition has aimed to increase the number of state schools that are at least good if not excellent. The aspiration has been to ensure that all pupils are given an equal educational start in life. But just as Rome was not built in day, so it is with English state education. Certainly significant changes have been made: more 50% of state secondary schools are now academies and enjoy greater flexibility over staffing and the curriculum; a new network of Teaching Schools has been developed, with the aim of ensuring that the next generation of teachers is equipped with the skills they need to excel; the Office for Standards in Education (OfSTED) has also had its role enhanced, with measures such as zero notice inspections.

But what exactly is a good school? Is the current raft of policy reforms enabling more schools to become good or are they just more bureaucratic posturing? Are teachers the most important factor? Is OFSTED the key to success or a barrier? What can state schools learn from private schools and is there anything that the independent sector can learn from the state sector?


Speakers include:

Emma Knights

(chief executive, National Governors’ Association)

Brian Lightman

(General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders)

Andrew Old

(teacher and blogger at teachingbattleground.  

David Perks

(founder and Principal of the East London Science School)

Jo Saxton

(Director of Education, Pimlico Academy)


The full programme of 2014 Battle of Ideas can be found here


This event has been organised with the kind support of the Pimlico Academy



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What is the role of teacher today?